Tropical Living: Dream Houses at Exotic Places

June 30, 2016 9:00 pm Published by juraganweb

Diminished House

Diminshed House is the stunning result of a renovation project. Since fewer rooms were required in the renovated structure, the size of the house was simply reduced, generating the unique possibility for each room to have an outdoor space. The primary structure was preserved along with the magnificent trees at the front and back, later playing their role in creating the green scenery enjoyed from the family room and master bedroom. Open and transparent, the family room is the heart of the house and welcomes with its warmth. Local materials such as andesite stones and bengkirai woods combined with teak waste are used as interior and exterior elements, generating an exquisite architectural impression of interconnected indoor and outdoor space.

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Villa Pecatu Bali Indonesia

Located on the reserved hilly limestone landscape of Pecatu, a beach resort in the southern peninsula of Bali, Villa Pecatu is a striking 900-square-meter private villa boasting five bedrooms and recreational facilities. The design language is simple yet sophisticated. Two primary buildings separate public and private spaces, connected with a semi-outdoor bridge – a humble composition that respects the contours of the site and defers to the vast panorama of its surroundings. The living and dining areas in the first building are designed as openly as possible, gesturing towards the outdoor pool area and exotic landscape, while the rooms upstairs enjoy magnificent sea views. Boldly exposed natural stone creates an exquisite architectural experience.

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