Urban in Harmony

“Harmony has hard consonant sound at the beginning and a soft vowel sound at the end. That resonates with Architecture, because the word sounds like what it means – a pleasing arrangement of parts.”

– Bob Borson

Located in a nice environment, this urban residence takes focus on the activities of its residents who love to spend time together. Thus, the proposed design was to create a home as a retreat space from daily routine that has flowing, informal and intimate spaces, and also communicates with nature by creating rich small openings which give exposure to outdoor landscape, connecting inside and outside of the building.

Urban in Harmony

Address : Alam Sutera, Serpong, Jakarta
Category : Residence
Building Area : 524 m2

Land Area : 380 m2
Year of Project : 2008
Architects : Rudy Kelana & Matheus Sompotan