Urban in Harmony

“Harmony has hard consonant sound at the beginning and a soft vowel sound at the end. That resonates with Architecture, because the word sounds like what it means – a pleasing arrangement of parts.”

– Bob Borson

Just as urban lifestyles, urban residential concept is also often centered on the activities of its occupants. This concept is applied to the three-story residence located in the west of Jakarta. Alam Sutera is located in an area with a managed environment that is structured beautifully and moderate, Wahana Cipa Selaras used this benefit and added value to the landscape and the open spaces, not to eliminate or even destroy the iconic mission in order to strive to be “different”.
The selected design was a design that creates a communication between the inside and outside of the building. Mass of the building blend with the outside through openings that are not too big, take advantage to views the landscape.

From the front view, the mass of a building that reflects the modernity of the box looks like jutting out from roof at the back. It also creates the illusion, as if there are two building masses, thus giving the impression of the overall architecture. While tropical style design looks ranging from the number of openings for natural lighting and air circulation, application of wood and natural stone materials are dominant, and the reflecting pool and the vertical water-feature serves as an imaginary boundary between the inside of the house with the landscape beyond. Layout of the house is simply designed, divided into three zones that are arranged vertically according to the respective of each functions. The top floor is the private zone containing bedrooms, while the second floor is a semi-private zone that serves as a learning and playing area, and the ground floor is a public zone where the dining room, family room and kitchen presented. A mezzanine floor is also inserted between the ground floor with the second floor. The floating floor is made as a function of the transition between the second floor and to accommodate the occupant activity which sometimes gathered in this area.

Urban in Harmony

Address : Alam Sutera, Serpong, Jakarta
Category : Residence
Building Area : 524 m2

Land Area : 380 m2
Year of Project : 2008
Architects : Rudy Kelana & Matheus Sompotan