Rejuvenate Joglo

The main concept of this design is prioritize the joglo house’s visualization as culturally valuable buildings, and trying to “eliminate” the supporting building visually. Therefore the architect “bury” the supporting building’s mass by making a lower elevation and covered it with roof garden.

The joglo house and the supporting buildings offers the difference experience of space, dividing the building as 2 part purposely to differentiate the characteristic of users of the space. The Joglo house as the main building has symetric, organized and formal characteristic that translated to 3 hierarchies of space by proceed the principle of hierarchy to the arrangement of rooms. The presence of the pools on right and left of the building is to strengthen the symetric characteristic of the joglo house itself. Contrary,the needs of sport room and play ground has been arranged dinamically and flexible.

The main concept of this layout succesfully applied because the existence of the supporting building (the new building) was not disturb the joglo house as the point of interest, since the landscape even strengthen the characteristic as the culturally valuable building.

Rejuvenate Joglo

Address : Permata Buana, Jakarta
Category : Residence
Building Area : 400 m2

Land Area : 770 m2
Year od Project : 2012
Architect : Rudy Kelana, Gerard Tambunan, Endah Tri S.