Diminished House 2

This house is a redesigned project, where the initial building structure has been built, even at the point of finishing the roof. A single mass of 2 storey building, with a prism shaped roof and building’s structure is arranged with grid pattern, stood in approx. 642 m2 area of land.

Concerning the space needs and the client’s wishes, the architect attempted to actualized it by different concepts. The single mass is splitted into 2 parts. Both mass is covered by Ironwood material, while each of them received the different treatment, afterward they were united by a wooden pergola bridge, so eventhough the buildings are separated but still looks united.

By splitting the building, ithe empty space is created in the middle, which is the space can be one of the best spots for these two masses. The space created between the two masses proceed into an open garden according the idea of pulling the open space outside into the building. Thus will offers the “relaxed and natural” impression in other spaces, and also create the air circulation and natural lighting in more maximum way.

A multi-purpose room where all the four sides is covered by glass material placed in front of the facade of the building, shaped as a glass box that stands out due to the difference usage of material, that is ACP (aluminum composite panels). This room has a view to the street, and looks beautiful at night, the lights of the surrounding buildings lit up and displays a beautiful face of urban city.

Diminished House 2

Address: Patal Senayan
Category : hunian
Building Size : 600m2

Land Size: 624 m2
Year : 2011
Architects : Rudy Kelana, Matheus Sompothan, Paula Silalahi