Contemporarily Hidden

“A man’s home may seem to be his castle on the outside; inside is more often his nursery.”

– Clare Boothe Luce

Built on a green sloping land area of 4000m2, this house is an example of how a local approach through the use of materials, can be implemented in a modern way without ignoring environments.

The use of materials – local ingredients featured in the exterior sheathing. Red rock exposed, as the wall without makeup encloses private areas on the ground floor. This wall combined by vertical hanging bamboo structure on the top floor, an impressive unity with the surrounding environment.
One of the major elements of modern, flexibility of function space manifested in the form of gathering space on the top floor, consisting of a living room, dining room and kitchen clean. Space that can be modified – change function is designed so it’s possible to extend freely. Other modern touches can be seen in the use of concrete, glass walls and exposed steel structure.

In an attempt to reach equilibrium with the surrounding environment, this house appears as a masterpiece of modern and simple architecture.

Contemporarily Hidden

Address : Ciputat, Sawah Lama, Jakarta
Category :  Residence
Building Area : 300 m2

Land Area : 4000 m2
Year of Project : 2007
Architects : Rudy Kelana & Gerard Tambunan