Compact House

“Cities are getting bigger as more and more people move in, and there will always be a needs for house with respect to general quality of life.”

– Alan Dundes

Urban characters of modern society are mobile, practical, easy-going and simple, has created architecture style which supports the needs of the lifestyle. By limited residential land in urban areas, identical with crowded housing, added with the need for wider space as the result of family members additions, creating a challenge in designing a comfortable and homelike house.

Wahana Cipta Selaras believe that no matter what the condition, the house still has to be a comfortable nest, protecting occupants, make everyone feel closer in harmony, and most importantly, a sense of ‘at home’ in the house, so that every occupant spends every second of their precious time to be with family at home in the midst of urban activity.

Designed by using the split level as a solution to create the impression of widespread room and maximized by the touch nature with fish pond and greenwall on the main staircase as the background painting to create a ‘life’ of nature picturial. This synergy is very important to create the soul in it’s asymmetric box-shaped building. Communication infinites space, that’s the reason behind the creation of transparent curtain, so the occupants does not feel separated by the rooom. Eco friendly, by using power savings and cool air circulation represented by the vertical gardens and parks in the roof.

The comfortable of a house can not be separated from how the personality of the occupants are represented. How hobbies, character and identity was represented inside the building. With presence of hobby room (designed specifically for actualization of the music hobby by the children) dining room and open-plan living room which allows family members to mingle comfortly and the joy of adventure retracing the staircases to the roof-garden, removing all doubt that limited area of a house could supply the occupants with a comfortable feeling all day.

Compact House

Address : Sunter Griya Inti Sentosa, Jakarta
Category : Residence
Building Area : 500 m2

Land Area : 325 m2
Year of Project : 2010
Architects : Rudy Kelana, Matheus Sompotan & Paula Silalahi