June 30, 2016 8:50 pm Published by juraganweb

House in Ciputat

Engaged to the 4000 square meters sloping nursery site, this house is an example of how the local materials as a regional approach can actually be implemented in a modern way without neglecting the environmental issues.

The use of local materials is shown in the exterior skin. The traditional red bricks exposed as massive walls that enclosed the private areas in the ground floor combined with the bamboo configuration, which hung vertically in the upper floor, creating feelings of integrated with the natural surroundings.

As one of the primary thoughts in modern architecture, flexible space is put through a communal space in the upper floor consists of living room, dining room, and pantry that are designed with an open plan to create a free flowing space. Another modern touch can be seen in the use of concrete, glass wall, and exposed steel structure.

As an attempt to reach a balance with its surroundings, this house appears as a modern work of architecture in a very down to earth way.

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